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My name is K.B. Stanford, and I'm Amy Blankenship's (amyfushigiyugi's) online representative. We wanted to apologize for not being active on deviantART for a long while, but we are sending lots of love your way during this Holiday season, as well as all year round! We have been extremely busy working on Amy's new hit book series titled "Blood Bound," co-written by R.K. Melton and narrated for by myself, K.B. We want to invite all of the amyfushigiyugi deviant watchers to register at our official website. That way, you will recieve updates via e-mail as to when a new paperback, e-book, or audiobook has been made available. We will also be posting the covers of the latest books to deviantART, so that you will all get to glimpse the exciting new changes and themes Amy has been writing about in the "Blood Bound Series." Please follow the link below to register as an official website member:…


K.B. Stanford - - - Amy Blankenship's online representative.
Amy Blankenship, the self-published author of the highly popular Guardian Heart Crystal Series (also known as amyfushigiyugi), has just launched her new website, created through and administrated by fellow self-published author, K.B. Stanford. In addition to this news, Amy has just recently published the first book in her all new Obsession Series, entitled "Ties That Bind."

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The Heart of Time: Extended Version: The Guardian Heart Crystal Series

About the Book

Each time the crystal has appeared, regardless of the world or time, its guardians have always been ready to defend it from all who would use it selfishly.  One girl stands in the center of these ancient guardians, the object of their affections, and she holds within her the power of the crystal itself.  This is the bearer of the crystal and the source of its power.  The lines, however, blur and guarding the crystal slowly changes into guarding the priestess from the other guardians.

This is the wine from which the heart of darkness drinks.  It is the opportunity to make the guardians of the crystal weak and susceptible to attack.  The darkness craves the power of the crystal and also the girl as a man would crave a woman.  Hence the entrance into another world where darkness is dominant within the world of light.

Free Preview

Hyakuhei looked around at the enemies who had stood in his way for so long… his own brother's offspring. He knew they were afraid to attack him because he now held Kyoko as a shield and he could feel rage building all around him.

His ebony wings expanded, creating a dark backdrop behind him as his equally dark eyes locked on the girl. "They are trying to protect you." He stated in a calm soothing voice, as if they were not in the midst of a battle but only watching it from the sidelines.

He could feel the sacred guardian heart crystal that was still visible in the center of his naked chest. Her love for the guardians fighting to protect her was the only thing still keeping the crystal from sinking the rest of the way into his body and giving him the power he desired.

The purity of that love was her power, and she was using it to try to draw the crystal from him… he could feel it. But he could also feel the power that was already coursing through his veins, and it made him only want more.

His eyes softened for a moment as he whispered to her as if talking to a lover. "It's not enough."

He pulled Kyoko's face flush with his and placed a gentle kiss upon her innocent lips. Staring into her stormy green eyes, he entered her mind using the power of the guardian heart crystal.

Hyakuhei sought out her memories of the guardians whom she loved… trying to take them from her. He knew taking her memories of the people she fought for would weaken her power and strengthen his.

Kyoko couldn't blink. She felt his evil claws within her mind, trying to destroy her memories, trying to rip the reason for this fight from her… trying to take her love from her. She wouldn't allow it.

Her friends, all of them, she knew Hyakuhei wanted to take them away from her. Kyoko felt her control snap, leaving her with only one thing to use against him, and that was the very thing he was trying to take and destroy. Her eyes flashed with anger no longer suppressed. She latched her hands in his silky midnight locks and thrust their foreheads together, shaking with a tidal wave of power.

Her voice piercing the silence of the battlefield, she screamed. "You want it that bad? HERE!! Take IT!!!!"

'What is she doing?' Kyou's golden eyes glowed intensely and he felt fear shoot through him like the blade of a hot knife. He knew something was terribly wrong as he felt his psychic powers call to him… telling him to listen and to see before it was too late!

He narrowed that power and entered Kyoko's mind, trying to see what was happening, and his body began to pulse with what he witnessed. He would have fallen to his knees had the shadow demons not been wrapped so tightly around him… holding him immobile.

Years of love, heartache, and sacrifice… given all in an instant.

Angry tears streamed down Kyoko's cheeks as she thrust every memory of love and friendship, pain and secret feelings she had for everyone that fought with her into Hyakuhei's mind. It was the only weapon she had left.

Instantly, Hyakuhei was destabilized. Everyone felt the shift in power as the crystal started to blink from dark light to a blinding white light, and the shadow apparitions holding Toya and Kyou disintegrated into thin air.

Kyoko watched as the angel of darkness became confused. His pale perfect face became distorted with pain. Just as she felt herself slipping, Kyoko reached both of her small hands out and grasped the crystal, pulling it from his flesh. She knew what had to be done, because she could already feel her mind losing its struggle with memories she didn't want to forget.…

The book just showed up for sale today!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know a lot of you guys bought the first one and was waiting to hear about the second one so please!!!! let me know if you get it ^_^  here is a free preview.

About The Book
Toya would fight all odds to stay by Kyoko's side.  His heart and his daggers are hers to take. He only asks that she accept them.  Even when the darkness of their enemy threatens what they have fought so hard for, Toya would die for her honor and her love.  In a moment of bliss, he finally gains the courage to open his hidden heart and confess the true emotions he keeps within.  That moment is forever changed when Kyoko is taken from his world by the heartless fates above.  Believing he is cursed, Toya gives up, falsely accepting that his reason to live has forsaken him.  Now, Toya must defend her against the worst enemy of all…himself.

Free Preview:

    Once within the small patch of trees, she stumbled to a stop; feeling something nearby. She furrowed her brow in concentration as she reached for the crossbow on her back and notched a spirit dart against its taunt string. All she could hear was her own breath in the night air around her.

     Kyoko stood her ground as she turned in a circle trying to find her target. The shallow moonlight played silently through the leaves of the trees, making everything within look eerie. Still, she would not back down. She tried to hide the shudder that ran through her body at the amount of evil she felt surrounding her.

     Toya stood motionless deep within the shadows as he watched her raise her bow. She slowly turned, facing him but he didn't even flinch, as she kept rotating not seeing him. The memory of another spirit dart being pointed at him once before seemed to ricochet through his mind.

     The difference in the memory was that now he was not looking through the eyes of a watch-ling. His eyes trailed her body, her skin so pale against the short dark skirt and her face glowing against the backdrop of her dark auburn hair.

     His eyes began to glow golden with the sight of her as he whispered. "You would shoot me, Kyoko?"

     Kyoko heard the whisper from the darkness and spun around trying to find it, still not liking the vibes she was getting from the unseen evil with the soft voice. This feeling she had was like a nightmare from not so long ago, seemingly to equal the same vibes as Hyakuhei… but altered in some way.

     Her back straightened and her chin lifted, as she seemed to hone in on the source and point the spirit dart directly into the darkness. "Show yourself coward!"

     Toya smirked under the cloak seeing her defiance. She would not shoot until she knew what she was shooting at. He knew this much even as he watched indecision flicker across her emerald orbs.

     His eyes narrowed as he watched the bow string grow tight against the back of the spirit dart. Had she really changed that much? Had she changed enough to shoot into the darkness not knowing the target? The wind came from behind her, blowing her scent to him and his eyes darkened. He could smell his brother on her.

     Kyoko felt a shift in the wind then a movement of the evil. She twisted around feeling it circling her. She felt the hair on the back of her neck start to stand on end as she heard her name whispered from the right. "Kyoko." As she twisted to the right, ready to shoot, the voice came from the left.

     "Kyoko." The sound kept switching sides leaving her confused.

     "Who are you?" Kyoko cried out, becoming a little frightened. The voice sounded like the whispers of a hundred demons all at once but within it, something seemed familiar. She felt arms go around her waist, pulling her back tightly against a firm chest and she froze.

     The hands felt sensual splayed across her ribs, as if… she knew this touch.

     Toya kept her from turning around as he held her tight only to whisper in her ear. "You smell like him, you know." Then he disappeared again.

     Kyoko swung around trying to see whom the arms had belonged to but could only see the forest around her. Her eyes widened at the words she had heard. The voice that had been in her ear, she knew that voice.

     "Toy…ya?" She mouthed the word with almost no sound. Her heart thumping so hard she could barely hear the name as it left her lips. She felt a pain slice through her heart at the memory of him still so fresh in her mind.

     "Tell me, Kyoko!" The voice screamed in rage from one side, only to whisper from the other. "Why are you with him?" The last voice had sounded so sad. Kyoko's crossbow started shaking and she slowly lowered it. Why did it have his voice? Her body jerked as the voice shouted at her again. "Why did you forsake me!"

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